Dein Drama In V Akten / Erster Akt: Der Blick / Online Party Trailer

DDIVA / AKT1: Der Blick
Dieser im Rahmen einer "No Budget - Online Party Trailer Reihe" entstandene Trailer war der erster aus einer fünfteiligen Reihe. Mein Part: Creative Direction, Animation, Sound Direction, Grading Regie: Julia (J.B.) Kamera: Nils Reinicke Edit: Phil Schauspieler: Nik und Shelly

Red Bull Cooler – Red Bull Transparent Cooler

Red Bull Cooler

This Job I did as an Animation Artist at Aixsponza in Munich, i was animating some Parts of this loopable Movie. It is shown in Bars and Clubs on the Transparent Door of Red Bull’s Coolers. Grooving into the Night with fresh Black and White animations on the Red Bull Cooler. Client: Red Bull Media House GmbH Production Company: Peter Clausen Film & … Read More

MTV EMA 2014 Competition Trailer

MTV EMA 2014 Competition Trailer
Konzeption: Ich (, Original Versionz Animation und Design: Ich ( Edit: Original Versionz Kunde: VIACOM

Vampire Boards 2015

This is the result of my work for the new Board Collection for the Vampire Boards 2015. Fast production on tight budget. Vampire Boards Bionic 2015 Bionic 2015 / Final Result (Woodcore Wakeboard) Vampire Boards G Spot 2015 G Spot 2015 / Final Result (Woodcore Wakeboard) Pash 2015 Pash 2015 / Final Result (Woodcore Wakeboard) Vampire Boards Gorilla Grip 2015 Gorilla Grip 2015 / Final Result (Woodcore ... Read More

WIP – VEMEA – Graphic Design

Lars Werner WIP VEMEA Graphic Design UI/UX Web
WIP / Work In Progress - VEMEA - Graphic Design, User Experience, User Interface. One Layout, two color shemes. More to come.